Welcome-ness FrienDs!


Yer I know, where’s the Blog been JiM? Well frienDs – no excuses no more – here it is!

Let’s get stucK into it – what’s the go with JubE and this blog? So many people are confused about what we build and why. Simple-ness really, if Ya gonna ride Ya may as well look good. For years I’ve thought how come when I go to a bikE store, they all look the same, and how come I can’t custom my ride??? It’s like one style fits all…oh please!!! Plus besides lOOkin’ the BiZnESs bikes have to be quality built as well. So when we design our rides we go for individuality (big word) AND quality.

One of the coolest parts about being at JubE is we get to work with so many awesome people…like dudEs who can seriously draw, design and build. Over the coming months I wanna chew the fat about all sorts of stuFF which I think is interesting and at times pretty funny too…and, maybe even educational (if I can word it all right)! We’ll also pass on super duper swEEt advice and stuff from all them cool dudEs I mentioned, plus the occasional rant just for the helluvit…!

Anyways, at least there’s a start, more to come soon so pleasE keep those eyeballs peeled!


JiM JunKEe – CEO/Founder JubE Customs

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