Let’s talk ChuBBy!


Lots of questions are asked – what’s the go with the fat tyres man? They must be a bitCh to ride?!

Here’s the thing, if you’s are riding chubby rubber and they’re slicks then your fine. By chubby I mean anything 3″ or wider. By slicks I mean no bumpy nobby off-roady lumpy stuff, just smooth tread all round. For all our fat tyre models we use either Innova or Wanda – and you’ll usually find that provided full inflation is used (ie 35-40psi) these bad boYs roll as smooth as custard rollin off mums hot apple pie…if not better than them nobby jobs…here’s a recent example:

Mmmm ’bout three months ago I switched the front rubber on me old trustY Hardtail from its original Innova 26×2.35 slick to a slightly nobby mtb style 26×2.35 Black Hawk “Jumper”. First thing I noticed was the noise! WaSSat sound – hmmmmmm hmmmmmm hmmmm. Second thing that was really obvious was the roll resistance on concrete was noticeably worse, could feel it in me legs! Mind you, as soon as I ventured off road onto loose surface the Black Hawk was superior-ness. I guess the point I’m making here is IF you are using road/concrete as the main surfaces then slick is better by far…and chubby at that.

Fat tyres are huge now, and heaps of dudes are keen as Hot English Mustard (my fav) to switch to chubby. Just be careful, anything 3″ and over is supEr dupEr wide…and you’re gunst to need dropouts at least 85-90mm wide at the chain-stay and seat-stay – otherwise these babies are gonna rub like a thick thigh in lycra…and next thing you know it’s time to be bendin’ frames – now that’s profesh stuff that is!

Looks are everything…if you do end up fitting something chubby say only on one wheel, then have a good look at the other wheel in comparison. When u fit chubby to an existing wheel because of the higher profile the end result is that the wheel fitted with chubby rubber increases disproportionately (another big word) compared to the matching wheel. You’s probs already noticed we use larger wheels on the front for our Hardtail and Dragster models to keep real a nice balance…eg 22/20″ and 26/24″. There are currently fat tyre bikes shooting around with 26×4″ combos both front and rear, with nobby style rubber – sand and snow stuff. I get em, but in my opion-ness there’s a point where there’s too much going on and style becomes how much is in ya face. For me 24×4.25″, 24×3″ & 20×3″ are three slicK arse looking wheel combos to work with.

So I guess the rant here is to say don’t be put off by all the chatter-ness about chubby rubber if your main form of travel is road etc. they’re quiet, smooth, fast and cool.

Stay LubEd!


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