Arc Up! The Jube Electric Bike has arrived!

For yonks now we’ve been getting asked when are you’s guys gonna put a motor on wunna your rides?

Well we did….and we’re pretty stoked at the result too. Because our stuff has all the chubby features and the Cafe Racer/Dragster themes, our bikes I guess you could say were crying out for an electric conversion.

Let’s face it, most electric bikes are butt ugly! For some reason there is this obsession to either make them look like a ten tonne space ship, or the over engineered look which I guess helps justify the often offensive price tag they come with.

Our entry into the electric bike arena is with our stocko HardTail model. A hybrid Cruiser-BMX-Jump bike with a super strong chromoly 4130 frame, 24×3″ rear chubby rubber on a wide 55mm rim and double clamp rigid chrome forks.

After shopping the market and looking at build options, we opted for a front drive Dillinger kit. The end result was awesome. The whole set up just suits a single speed configuration. Gear ratios are 44/16t.

Co-designed by our qualified bike mechanic/electrician Pauli, the build features a tank like battery nicely mounted on the top tube. Having the drive in the front hub also makes for a great balance between front and rear. After stuffing around for many hours on final finish, Pauli has welded and drilled ensuring all cables and wires are tidy and schmick as within the frame.

With it’s throttle shifter top speed on flat without pedaling is 32km/h. Battery life is as long as 80km! And overall it’s bloody quiet as and smooth as! Best of all because we powdercoat all our frames here in Aust you’s can choose whatever colours are available on the charts. SwEEt!

Our demo model pictured is featured in custom matte black, with chrome forks, bars and rear rim. Saddles are cowhide leather and come in either black or brown, in a variety of styles. Final weight is around 23kgs which is lighter than many rusty old council hire bikes.

If you’s are gonna ride an electric or EBike, then sheesh it may as well look good! Prices start complete for $2399.00 which also makes this bad boY great value.

Happy Eco everyone’s!

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