EveryFink old is nu agaiN!

After nearly 5 years since creation we’ve decised to move on to a bran nu website…featuring  a whole lotta new products, services and heaps of other super duper cool stuff.

Its not that there was anything wrong with the old site, Dave and the lads @ Vivo did an awesome job on the original version – thanks sooooo much fellas…! As time passes, it’s now time for a freshen up, including bigger pics, more products, increased payment options at the out-check and heaps more info so you’s as customers, are bettered equipped to consider purchAsing our products.

One area we have been working on the last few years has been restorations, where we take customers old ridEs and make ’em all bran spankin’ nu again (well best we can…). This service is now featured on the site under the STOREHOUSE drop down box.

Another new service that many peeps didn’t know we offered is manufacturing. We can actually assist with bran nu ideas, right through to large scale manufacturing overseas. All the deets of how we can help out are also on the new site!

As many of you’s know, when we make a model we do so in limited numbers in order to keep our stock fresh and our products unique…the new site has all our old customs and previous models pictured under THE VAULT…hours of entertainment there hey…..

We’re also now better equipped to offer more specials, sales items, stocK clearances and so on. Exciting!

Hyuuuuge thanks to our old matE JoshEE LittlEr for a sensational-ness job, couldn’t have done it without ya dudE!

So please, shop our stuff…we hope you likEy! 😃



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