ThE New Fat…

imageSo there’s fat bikes erry-where these days…

When we first came out with the StrEEt CruisEr way back in 2011 peeps all around the globe laughed their guTs out at us. Who’s gonna ride that? No-ones gonna buy a bike with tyres ThAt fat! Well we all know how that one worked out 😏

So where to for 2016? We reckon chubby rubber is here to stay, all be it for a while anyways. There’s a lot that makes sense about big tyres, and let’s face it they look bloody cool – simple.

Having said that like everything that’s in fashion, it’s only a matter of time before its gets into the wrong hands. Once them cheap department stores start changing their stock and following suit, then that’s when it all starts to spiral out of control – but not in a good Frid’y nite kinda way.

Ok, so you’s can buy a big arse diRt ChEap fatty just about anywhere. However – Super STylin’ is still kinG!

We reckon the trend is moving toward wider rims around 50-70mm with narrower rubber say 2.125/2.35/2.5″. It’s an awesome look, the profile of the tyre inflated is lower and more square above the rim – almost a drift tyre look used by them amazing dudEs on those RatRod websites. The look is wayyyy slick, super smoove with low roll resistance, yet still kiCk aRse mean.

White walls are a great old school nu school way to show off these wider rims, as is anything in black with shmokin’ side wall decals. Less is more in many cases, and this is a great example friends.

Keep an eye out for our new model P50 Ride releasing early 2016!

Ciau x


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