P50 Cruiser, what’s it abouT?


Our all new P50 Cruiser has been around now for a few weeks, and we’ve been thrilled to bits and pieces about how popular this particular model has shown to be!

There were a number of features we specifically set out to achieve with the creation of the P50. Firstly, after trolling the inna-net for vintage naked motorcycle frames, we really wanted this design to have a look that says “geez its like an engine has come outta that!”. Hence the swooping down tube, and the rolled long curve through top tube, big wheelbase and ducktail mudguards.

Secondly, we wanted to keep the entry price point down. To ensure this could happen we elected to build the frame in lightweight hi-ten tig welded steel, with old school one piece cranks, high quality steel hubs, no gears (duh) and PVC saddles.

Third of all we wanted the branding to be bigger, and very Aussie. Thanks to our old mates Josh ‘Ruffo’ Rufford and Gary of Loa Branding the boyZ nailed it.

And finally, in typical JubE fashion the wheels needed to be wide! We opted away this time from superfat tyres to moving toward a more modern look with wider 50mm wide rims (actual outside diameter is closer to 60mm) with thinner tyres, for that low profile, squarer drift tyre look. Nice.The end result is a quality old school well priced super comfy cruiser. So then you’s ask, how does it ride?

Like all steel frame street cruisers, beach cruisers, Lowriders etc the ride is laid back and very cruisy. And yes just like the old cruisers you can hear the slight echo of the chain turning over the front and rear cogs underneath the chain guard, and the occasional stone ping underneath and wheels rolling under the mudguards as you cruise down the street. The gearing is 44/18t and is fine for medium size hills and slow to medium speed cruising. The saddles are wide, soft and comfy. It’s the sort of bike you put a rack on the back of, a kids seat or a basket up front and still look super duper trouper cool. The wheel base is long which does mean you’s do need to allow for a larger turning circle – lol. Surprisingly, with all the gear it has attached this bad boy is super light for a typical cruiser weighing just 17kgs, so it ain’t no mongrel to lift on and off the car rack, ute etc. The front brake is 160mm rotor disc, and while it’s not downhill standard it does assist the rear coaster (back pedal) brake to pull you up quick if old mate scrub turkey jumps out in frunna ya.

The cool part about this model is that it allows various build options wth different parts etc. Prices start at $379 for ‘STOCKO’ models and the top of the range ducKs nuTs ‘HustleR’ sells for $569 inc springer forks, cowhide saddle and LED headlight inclusive of Australia wide freebie shipping. An electric version is currently being worked on as we type, and should be available in the next few months. The best bit, like all our models we offer a limited lifetime warranty on frame and forks and 12 months on all parts.

Happy cruisin’!

Love JiM x

More deets: http://www.jubecustoms.com.au



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